The perfect dashboard made for you, by you.

Sales, excepted shipments, open rates... it seems like the more apps try to make your life easier, the more work it becomes to keep track of them. We hate extra work (don’t tell our boss), so we created Appstack, where you can build your own dashboard to track what’s important to you, and get back to whatever’s in your job description.

For Founders

Stay informed on your key metrics without having to check in with your team.

For Operators

Streamline your operations with departmentalized views and automation.

For Marketers

Know exactly how your team’s performing, and catch red flags before they happen.

🔌 Integrate Your Stack

Choose from the integrations you use most, and connect them to your dashboard.

Email subscriptions? Check. Customer support tickets? Check. Sales on that one item you really wanted to bring in and everyone else said it wouldn’t sell but now you’re running out of stock and you want to prove everyone right with daily Slack updates? Oh yeah. Check.

✨ Create Custom Views

Create tailored-to-you views (or as we call them, ‘Stacks’) with the key performance indicators you want to monitor.

With Stacks, organize the data that’s relevant to you, whether that’s by department, by app, or by team member. Meaning finance can block out order fulfillment statuses, customer success can turn a blind eye to email open rates, and marketing... well... they like to keep their eyes on everything.

🔍 Save & Monitor

Your dashboard will be ready every time you log in, ready to update you on the stuff you care about most.

Quickly see what items need your attention, and if you’re on track to meet targets - no manual toggling or adjusting necessary.

Turn Data into Insight

Start making data-driven decisions to fill gaps and accelerate growth in every channel of your business, from sales and marketing, to logistics and customer support. With reports, dive deeper into your key metrics and get the whole picture from every store, app, and third party integration you use.
Automated reports

Save Time By Automating
Your Data

Stop hopping between dashboards and Excel sheets to generate reports in time for your Monday meeting. Give your virtual assistant a break and have your most important metrics automatically sent to you and your team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Spend less time finding the data, and more time doing something about it.

Take Control Of Your App Spend

Keeping track of how much you spend on apps every month is no walk in the park. With our App Tracker, not only can you track how much you’re spending on apps, but you’ll also be notified on when your billing cycles are coming up.

No more cancelling one day into a new billing cycle, paying for apps you’re not using anymore, or worse: completely forgetting to cancel before your free trial converts you to a very expensive and totally non-refundable paid account.

Save an hour a day for less than $1 a day

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