Give you back your time

We’re not the first company to promise you hours back in your day, and we won’t be the last. But we do deliver.We’ll be blunt: we’d do just about anything to have more time in our day. Sometimes we use that time to prep for a meeting, or work on another project, and you know what, sometimes we just scroll twitter for a few minutes because we really need a break.

The point is, something that makes life easier? Sign us up. So while our mission statement isn’t complicated or fancy (just like Appstack), it’s accurate. We’re all about giving you back your hard-earned time.

For Operators, by Operators.

Just a bunch of supernerds and DTC founders who get really, really excited when talking about ecommerce at dinner parties.

Christian Cardenas

Founder & CEO

Product designer and benchwarmer developer. A passion for problem-solving deeper than deep-fried sushi.

Loves: UI/UX, F1, weiner dogs

Greg Meade

Co-Founder & COO

Serial co-founder to successful start-ups and a skilled navigator of the ecommerce space.

Loves: Sports, jungles

Johnny Brown

Head of Partnerships

Self-employed since Halo 2. Ecommerce founder and social media wizard. Building relationships that uphold communities.

Loves: Sushi, bourbon

Chris Meade


Serial entrepreneur & ecommerce nerd. Has built relationships with some of the world’s largest retail stores.

Loves: Film, matcha, overpriced wine

Jason Wong


The movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, but a person. Operator of a portfolio of high-growth ecommerce brands and Shopify instructor.

Loves: Racing, pugs, cooking



Software engineer with over 10 years of experience (she’s literally only 3). Also in charge of keeping the team happy.

Loves: Christian, ice cubes, duke



Leads our integration expansion and makes sure rose stays focused. The goodest boy there ever was.

Loves: Walks, talking, rose

Our story 👋

Not so long ago, I (Christian, founder guy who made this website) was spearheading operations for an extremely fast growing DTC brand.

I was running social media, creative, customer support, logistics - even hand-packing hundreds of orders a day to take to the post office. And every day, the founders would ask me, “Is everything zero’d? Have customer support tickets been cleared? Have all orders been fulfilled? Are any disputes resolved?” And every day, I’d scramble across multiple dashboards to find the fragmented data I needed to report back.

After years of this, I realized two things:

  • Founders of high scaling ecommerce businesses don’t have time to log into every tool or app’s dashboard to check on the status of their operations
  • The operators, managers or team leads they rely on have more time, but still find tracking down the data tedious and time-consuming, and that energy could be better used to propel the business forward.

As a bunch of ecommerce founders who can’t see a problem without wanting to solve it, the team you see below came together to create Appstack. Now, whether you’re a one-person army or a fast-growing team, you can start every day knowing where your business is at, know what channels need your attention, and see how your tech stack is contributing to your brand’s performance.